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Doe in Heat Urine ScentYou have probably had or heard about mixed results when using a DOE IN HEAT whitetail lure. Some hunters have had some degree of success with it while others have had deer smell it and actually run away from it! What gives, why aren't people seeing clear results when using a deer estrous lure? The biggest part of the answer is also the simplest. In order to be very effective, doe in heat urine must be fresh. Old deer pee is bad deer pee, not only to you, but to that wary old buck as well. If this is the case, how does one go about using these urine products most effectively?

Deer urine begins to deteriorate the moment it is collected. Freezing will stop the pee from spoiling, but the freezing process will degrade the scent itself. Still, it is the only viable method for long term storage and the urine will still be useful. Without freezing or preservatives, it will go be worthless in about 45 days even when refrigerated. Adding the right preservatives, you can extend the useful range beyond 3 months while retaining much of its effectiveness. What does that say about the Doe in Heat scent you see at the Big Box stores that has been on the shelf all year, maybe even from last year? That store-bought urine is essentially an expensive bottle of ammonia and won't attract deer. In fact, it may even spook them.

Lucky 7 - Love Potion #7 Doe Estrous BlendThere is no doubt about it. If you don't have FRESH Doe in Heat urine, it isn't worth using. Some hunters may be lucky enough to have a nearby deer farm where they can get fresh urine. However, most of us don't. The best place to order FRESH deer in estrous urine is Nelson Creek Outdoors. You can find their great Doe in Heat product by following this link: Lucky 7 - Love Potion #7

Lucky 7 - Love Potion #7 is very fresh. It is only collected and bottle during the deer hunting season, throughout the whitetail rut. To make it even more effective, Love Potion #7 is a blend of doe estrous urine mixed with a specific amount of subordinate buck urine. Not only do the Big Bucks think a ready doe is nearby, they believe there is a small buck hot on her trail trying to beat him to the punch. This really riles up a Big Buck and will keep him in the area looking to breed the doe and also to run off the intruding buck. It is a combination that is absolutely deadly in its effectiveness! For time release properties, try it in the CrystalGel formulation.

Once you have your FRESH deer urine, like Lucky 7 - Love Potion #7, keep it refrigerated when not in use. Avoid leaving it direct sunlight and keep the container closed. This will ensure your product remains effective as long as possible. You can use urine in scent drippers, on scent pads, on surrounding brush or directly in scrapes. All these methods can be effective. Experiment on which method works best.

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